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About Us


“Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare.”

Japanese proverb

Our Inspiration

A young man goes to a well.  With visions of putting the water to good use, he works hard to lower the bucket.  In time, he raises it.  To his delight, it’s full of water.  Being closer now to his goal, he’s careful not to spill a drop.  

Eager to see his great works bear fruit, he peaks inside. Discouragement and confusion quickly sweep over his face.  Despite his efforts, his bucket is nearly empty.  He discovers it’s full of small holes.  The bucket had been leaking slowly the whole time.  If only he’d known.  Perhaps, his time and efforts wouldn’t have been wasted.

Sound familiar? Many business owners set out with great visions.  Holding a bucket of tools, they’re convinced with the right effort the rewards will be great.  But much to their disappointment, the tools have holes in them.  These oversights cost time and money.  And sadly, for small businesses the results can be devastating.

Why Us

But here’s the good news.  It doesn’t have to be that way. At Lunar IT Solutions, we’re on a mission to help small businesses get the tools they need to compete. What’s more, our process offers you a systemic approach to selecting tools.  Discover tools adaptive to your unique business needs.  Most importantly, our tools are flexible to the needs of your customers.  

It’s the perfect storm of tools.  Get tools designed to help your customers find you, buy from you and tell others to do the same.

So, say good-bye to wasted time.  Put an end to throwing money after under-performing options.  You see, at Lunar IT Solutions we’re committed to the small things, the details others miss.

Here’s what we know. Sometimes the small things are what make the biggest difference.  It’s why, we’re helping small businesses go big.  Join us.

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