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Thursday, 10 March 2016 21:11

Mobile App vs. Mobile Website

Simple facts to help you determine if your business can benefit from owning a Mobile App or a Mobile Website.   If you are like most business owners who feel confronted with the mobile era, you may be wondering if your company needs a mobile app or a mobile website to avoid going out of business. Perhaps, you may be wondering if you could simply ignore one and not have to deal with making the decision altogether.Below, we have outlined the primary advantages and disadvantages to help you whether you approach your mobile strategies with enthusiasm or reluctance. But, allow…
Entrepreneurs work their tails off for months or sometimes years to develop their product. Create samples and order large quantities to receive quantity-discounts from the manufacturers. Then they find a graphic designer overseas to have an inexpensive logo designed for their small business. Have a Fedex and a UPS account set up. Roll up their sleeves and start working on getting their ecommerce website design off the ground and launched. Perhaps, their friend has a nephew who does website design from his dorm room. Or, they read a blog on the Internet on how to build a website in 3…
Have you heard of Geofencing? Most probably you have, you may even have experienced it already but some of you might still be wondering about what it is and how it works. Moreover, those of you that own businesses might even be interested to know how it can benefit your business. So, here is the good news! Geofencing can help your business tremendously and I will share those benefits with you shortly but, first, the basics. Geofencing is the name for defining a virtual fence around a specific geographic area on the map. Once you have the mobile app developed…
Read on to find out what features and functions you may need to incorporate into your mobile apps to stay relevant in business.. The mobile app market is booming and app development companies have made millions but in some ways not much has changed. According to Nielson report from last year, consumer uses approximately 26 or 27 mobile apps per month. And, the usage time per consumer per app is also increasing—average up by 63% in last couple of years. Flurry reported recently how apps usage has made its way further into our lives, citing, for the first time in…
Wednesday, 13 January 2016 20:09

Mobile Design for the Modern Business

Does your business have a website? Is it ready for mobile? If not, it’s very likely your business could fall behind the competition in 2016. Mobile design is an essential tool for businesses. With nearly seven billion mobile descriptions and the average person spending about three hours on their mobile devices, businesses need to make sure their website is ready for the future of mobile. The reality is, consumers want to reach their favorite brands and businesses through their mobile device. Whether it’s through a mobile website or mobile app, consumers want the ability to interact with businesses on-the-go. Not…
Wednesday, 13 January 2016 06:43

Nurturing the Sales Funnel Using Social Media

Did you know 80 percent of customers expect businesses to be active on social media? Social media has grown into one of the most important tools for building relationships with customers and creating brand awareness. Through social media, brands can use visuals, blog posts, and videos to engage with customers and spark their interest. This enables brands to create a community of brand advocates and increase traffic to their websites. When using social media to nurture the sales funnel, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, it’s important to use social media as a tool for building…
Useful for Schools… Even more useful for Parents. Our School Mobile Apps greatly enhance communication of school staff with parents. Parents can stay current with the latest information at their fingertips while the school staff can stop worrying about lost notes and misinformation being passed on.   School Mobile Apps Key Features Instant communication with parents Our school apps send push notifications to remind parents of upcoming events or changes. These push notices appear instantly on parents’ mobile devices as the pop up messages and alerts. Schools can also add features such as sick notes and online payment systems in…
No more wasted time or no shows If you have a service business such as a handyman service, heating and cooling repair service, pool cleaning service, plumbing service, personal training service, real estate agency or an attorney’s office, so long as you need to schedule appointments to see your clients, you need our mobile apps with booking features. Our easy to customize booking-appointments features let your customers schedule appointments with your business anytime, anywhere using their mobile devices. When they search your business online, instead of having to call you by phone, they can simply tap open your mobile app’s…
Food tastes better when you can order it on the go. With native Food Ordering feature of the restaurant mobile apps, restaurant owners see a better return on investment by placing ordering power in the hands of their customers. The easy online order management system ensures maximum accuracy and increased customer satisfaction. (no more – did they say “vegan” or “bacon”?). Update menu items easily Post pricing and availability Accept payment in-app through a built-in mobile shopping cart Receive email and printed confirmations A Mobile app is a critical tool for any business to promote itself and drive sales to…
What are push notifications? Do you receive any notifications on your smartphone? Not the text messages, emails or voicemails but the pop up notices on your phone screen. Mobile apps use this feature to send alerts to users of content updates, messages and other things that happen through the apps. Push notifications such as these are used by all types of mobile apps, from games to ecommerce stores to social networks and everything in between. When a user receives a push notification, she or he may hear a sound, an onscreen alert, a badge or a combination of all of…
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