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Mobile Design for the Modern Business

Does your business have a website? Is it ready for mobile? If not, it’s very likely your business could fall behind the competition in 2016. Mobile design is an essential tool for businesses. With nearly seven billion mobile descriptions and the average person spending about three hours on their mobile devices, businesses need to make sure their website is ready

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Nurturing the Sales Funnel Using Social Media

Did you know 80 percent of customers expect businesses to be active on social media? Social media has grown into one of the most important tools for building relationships with customers and creating brand awareness. Through social media, brands can use visuals, blog posts, and videos to engage with customers and spark their interest. This enables brands to create a

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If Your Ecommerce Website is Your Only Business Presence, Make It Count.

Entrepreneurs work their tails off for months or sometimes years to develop their product. Create samples and order large quantities to receive quantity-discounts from the manufacturers. Then they find a graphic designer overseas to have an inexpensive logo designed for their small business. Have a Fedex and a UPS account set up. Roll up their sleeves and start working on

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How Geofencing Can Drive More Traffic Through Your Doors

Have you heard of Geofencing? Most probably you have, you may even have experienced it already but some of you might still be wondering about what it is and how it works. Moreover, those of you that own businesses might even be interested to know how it can benefit your business. So, here is the good news! Geofencing can help

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