It is a common knowledge that repeat business is the key to success of any business. However, it is quite challenging to keep your customers happy, loyal and returning to your business regularly. How a better way to ensure their return than to reward them for each time they spend a dollar with you? Creating a loyalty program for your customers and offering it to them through your mobile app will show your customers how much you value their business. It will also encourage them to keep returning to you to do more business with you.

FiveStars reports, “depending on the vertical, loyal customers can account for up to 84% of total visits.” Interestingly, you loyal customers can spend 10 times more than your new ones.

Other reasons why you should focus on loyal customers:

  • Loyalty program participants are 70% more likely to provide word-of-mouth business for you.
  • You can make additional sales or upsell to loyal customers by 60-70%.
  • 62% of customers reported that they will continue doing business with a company that offered a loyalty program.
  • 35% of people will drive out of their way to use a business whose loyalty program they’ve joined.
  • 82% of small business owners rely on customer loyalty as their main source of business growth and mobile apps are perfect for increasing customer loyalty!

Loyalty Card Features:

Ultra Secret Code
Customers do not have to carry around paper punch cards in their wallets or purses anymore. Users can hand you the phone and you can punch in the Ultra Secret Code add in the points to their mobile card.

GPS Coupons Feature
Customers can accumulate points and unlock deals upon returning each time while you can easily set check-in parameters, enable and disable deals, and encourage customers’ future visits.

QR Coupons Feature
Launch a creative marketing campaign with coupon use through the scannable QR feature and prevent abuse by limiting scans and drive sales with smooth redemption.

Benefits of launching a mobile loyalty program:

  •  Drive traffic and boost income
  •  Reduce churn
  •  Boost loyalty
  •  Increase customer satisfaction
  •  Develop a competitive advantage


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