What are push notifications?

Do you receive any notifications on your smartphone? Not the text messages, emails or voicemails but the pop up notices on your phone screen. Mobile apps use this feature to send alerts to users of content updates, messages and other things that happen through the apps. Push notifications such as these are used by all types of mobile apps, from games to ecommerce stores to social networks and everything in between. When a user receives a push notification, she or he may hear a sound, an onscreen alert, a badge or a combination of all of the above. Users can define how they would like to be notified of the said alerts.

Push Notifications and Your Business

Push notifications are one of the best ways to reach out to your clients as well as your potential customers. Small businesses can benefit sharing with their customers instant updates and maintain regular communication and consistent client contact. Let your imaginations run wild and get creative with your messaging. Make push notification a primary component of your marketing campaign by coordinating it with your company’s branding efforts and you’ll have a solid marketing strategy.

Repeatedly, push notifications have proven to be the sound marketing strategy..

Some facts reported by GPI on 6, Dec 2013:

  • 26% higher mobile app open rates
  • 92% higher mobile app retention rates
  • A marked increase in active, engaged users

Push notifications vs. email

Well, some of you may question it and might ask, why do I need to mess with a push notification and a mobile app?

Let’s review some facts here..

Xtify – a push notification service provider reported that 30 to 60 percent of users open the push notifications and the interaction rates are as high as 40 percent. Some app developers have reported open rates as high as 90 %.

Let’s compare this to email? Revealed Silverpop’s in their Email Marketing Benchmark study, the open rate average for email was 20 percent, and the click-through rate average was only 5.4 percent.


Push notification – A sturdier bridge between the Internet and real world

Key Benefits of Mobile Push Notifications

  •  Target users by current location
  •  Use Geofencing to trigger automatic messages when users enter a zone
  •  Schedule push notifications
  •  Add custom images for a professional touch
  •  Set up linked messages that click through to highlighted features
  •  Share websites easily with the clickable URL option

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