Simple facts to help you determine if your business can benefit from owning a Mobile App or a Mobile Website.

mobile app screen shot imageIf you are like most business owners who feel confronted with the mobile era, you may be wondering if your company needs a mobile app or a mobile website to avoid going out of business.

Perhaps, you may be wondering if you could simply ignore one and not have to deal with making the decision altogether.
Below, we have outlined the primary advantages and disadvantages to help you whether you approach your mobile strategies with enthusiasm or reluctance. But, allow me to spare the suspense and you may be surprised to learn that we believe you need both. So, without further ado, let’s see how mobile apps and mobile websites measure up against each other:



Mobile apps come out ahead without a doubt as far as the features are concerned. They mobile features and functionalities will allow you to do more as well as have access to additional device tools, such as but not limited to, GPS and Accelerometer. That’s why, they allow you to create a more robust suite of offerings to users. Mobile websites, however, are somewhat limited when it comes down to the types of features they can offer through a browser which may also limit your mobile user-reach.


User Base

Responsive/ mobile websites standout here. Instead of being designed for a specific platform (i.e. iOS, Android, etc.) and being limited to a subset of its total device market, mobile websites aka Responsive Websites can reach any device though a mobile web-browser. Hence, they substantially enhance your customer reach by allowing you to connect with far greater number of people on more devices. Moreover, having to convert your app to various mobile platforms and submitting them to their respective app marketplaces will not be necessary.



When it comes to the functionalities, the point swings both ways. Since apps are platforms specific in their design, they offer smoother functionality. Furthermore, due to the fact that they are custom-tailored, the potential translation problems that can be present when a mobile website is viewed on different web browsers on different devices are nonexistent. Instead, mobile apps work seamlessly while delivering a more reliable user experience.



Things are divide here. Mobile websites or responsive websites help with your search presence while mobile apps offer push notifications. The difference here seems like  in push and pull. Mobile websites can be organically found by your potential customers searching for solutions in your niche (pull), while apps allow you to send messages and ads directly to your subscribed mobile users (push). Each promotional feature is greatly useful, valuable, and effective in different types of situations and markets.



There is no question about the fact that mobile websites and apps both deliver significant value. Today, the consumer has come to expect both from a business. If they can’t find you on their mobile device while they’re searching, they’ll ignore you. If you do not offer to them an app after forming a relationship with them, you’ll lose number of opportunities to enrich the relationship, improve and increase customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.

You don’t have to choose between them. Contact us, we’ll knock it all out at once with our Apps.


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