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Our SEO services offer higher search visibility and effective search presence driving more sales, profits, and efficient ROI for our clients. 

SEO and Internet Marketing are perhaps some of the most discussed topis on the net today. But, do you think that The Game's Changing? Simply stated, who could forget the internet? It’s where you search for nearly every product or service.  Not to mention, it’s where you go for information or entertainment.  But here’s the thing. As technology changes, so is the way your customers search for information.

Truth is, the internet is at the heart of your business.  Use it well and your business can thrive; weathering any storm.  Fall short in it’s potential, and you could find yourself limping along for years to come.

 SEO Services, Tucson, AZMake no mistake. The internet offers you more than just a place to hang a sign.  It’s your place to:

  • educate your customers
  • advocate for a cause
  • showcase a new product or service offering
  • generate leads
  • conduct e-commerce
  • engage prospective customers
  • participate in affiliate marketing
  • advertise through Pay-Per-Click campaigns, etc.
  • connect through social media marketing: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google plus, etc.


The only question to ask yourself is this.  Are you making the most of what the internet has to offer?  If so, how do you ensure your customers will find you not only today, but in the months ahead.  Not sure?  You’re not alone.  

Here’s what to do now. Call Lunar It Solutions at 520.955.8767 today. 

Discover how you can use the largest business tool, the internet to transform your business.

Our core search engine optimization services are: Organic SEO, On-Page SEO, Local SEO Service, Link Building, Keyword Research / Strategy and Activity Report. 


Don’t Settle for So-So SEO

SEO TucsonSEO (Search Engine Optimization), including local SEO service is a good place to start.  Truth is, your customers need to find you for any other strategy to reach its full potential.  Without it, you could be spinning your wheels, wasting both time and money.

Look.  Google is committed to being the top search engine provider.  That means, algorithms will change, modifications and changes will be made.  What does this mean to you?  It means if you’re not keeping up with the changes, you’re falling behind.  It may not be evident today, but the truth is the changes will catch up to you.  Imagine falling from page 1 to page 4, overnight. Believe it or not, it happens.

But don’t worry.  At Lunar It Solutions, you’ll find SEO experts committed to keeping-up with these changes and improving your rankings, here’s how...

  • analyzing keywords and related search phrases
  • research your specific industry and region
  • evaluate and/ or provide content search engines want
  • take full advantage of directories and other key SEO strategies
  • develop a content strategy to support and compliment other marketing initiatives
  • integrate your blog, social media platforms, e-commerce, etc. for efficiency

You see, by being great at what we do, you’re able to reveal to the world your unique talents and offerings.  What could be better than that?  Fact is, leveraging your strengths is key to any successful business relationship.

Simply put, Lunar IT Solutions frees you to do what you do best. It’s how our best practices become your best practice. Call Lunar It Solutions at 520.955.8767 today.

Still not convinced?  See how the internet is changing the game of business once again.  Win or lose, the internet is here to stay.  The only question to ask is this.  What side of the game will you be on? It’s time to take a closer look at internet search.


Search Engine Algorithm and Updates

Expert SEO Services, Tucson

Here’s the simple truth. Not too long ago, searching the internet meant typing the name of the service or product.  And of course, you added a detail such as color or specific city or region.  Think about it. These words or phrases became quickly known as keywords.  And as you know, having these keywords in your content helped you get found on the internet.

But, times have changed.  Technology has changed.  With voice command technology, the way you once searched on the internet doesn’t fit.  It’s not how you talk or think. What’s more, it’s not conversational.  That means, if you’re going to be found on the internet, you not only have to have the keywords, but your content needs to sound a whole lot more conversational.

Simply put,  your content has to adapt to the way your audience searches. With the use of mobile apps on smart phones and tablets, the need to adapt is increasing.  And it’s not just your content that needs to adapt, your website needs to adapt to a wide range of platforms.    It’s why adaptive web design and responsive web design are so important to your business.  But more on that later.

Remember, your content must not only meet the demands of your audience but also the search engines.  The good news is both are looking for the same thing.  So, here’s what you need to do. Start offering fresh and relevant content on a regular basis.  

Whether you choose a platform like video, a blog or articles and white papers, give your customers what they’re looking for in a language they understand.  The key is to make it conversational. But here’s the catch.

Great content needs a strategy.  The reason being, content left in a silo will under-perform one that’s well integrated into other strategies every time.  

But here’s the kicker.  Your content can be re purposed, saving you time and money.  No matter what business you’re in, saving time and money is always a win. So, let’s begin.

Let Lunar IT Solutions help you put together a content strategy relevant to your industry, location and audience. Get your content working for you. Call Lunar It Solutions at 520.955.8767 today to get our seo services.


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