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Responsive Web Design Matches Any Screen Size

responsive web design, Tucson, AZYes, it is correct, the responsive web design fits any screen size automatically to make its content perfectly visible and legible. I am sure that you are aware that your customers use mobile devices daily.  And, with each device comes a different screen size.  This means you need to know your website can adjust to the various screen sizes.

That’s why, Google recommends responsive web design as their preferred framework for building websites. Think about it. Without responsive web design, navigating your website on a mobile device is an up-hill climb.  Simply put, it’s like creating a barrier to sales and growth on the one device your clients and customers carry with them daily.

The sad truth is this is one problem you can’t afford to overlook.  Let’s face it.  Your customers won’t deal with it.  They’ll simply go to your competition’s website.

And you know what? Your Google Analytics have been trying to tell you about this problem for awhile.  Unfortunately, the charts and graphs for each device have been simply too difficult to understand or time consuming.  Sound familiar?

But here’s the good news.  With Responsive Web Design, your Google Analytics are now presented to you in a clear and concise report. What does this mean to you?  Now, knowing how your website is performing has never been easier.

The best part is you’ll know the performance of your website for each device. What’s more, you’ll say good-bye to different charts and graphs for different sites. How can you beat that?  Here’s how.


Adaptive Web Design Makes Your Pre Existing Website Mobile Friendly

adaptive web design imageHere’s the real truth.  With today’s tablets, mobile phones and PCs, your customers have more options on how to search for your products or services. What’s more, there are different browsers for prospective clients to use.  But here’s the scary part. Each of these devices and browsers create challenges in offering visitors a user-friendly experience. So, what’s a business to do?

Don’t worry. Here, you’ll find Adaptive Web Design.  Now, you can have your website quickly transformed. That means, your website is ready to be used on majority of your customers’ mobile devices.  Here’s how.

Our Adaptive web design services enables your website to effortlessly determine the capabilities of each browser and adapt to it’s unique needs. Think of it like this. With our help your website can have a mobile app to match the current design.

If you already own a web site and looking for a mobile solution then you are in the right place. We can create an adaptive design in another words develop a mobile app for your preexisting web site


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Design to Launch in 3 Simple Steps

No doubt about it, a new website is exciting. But with it comes unique challenges. That’s why, Lunar IT Solutions is committed to making the development of your new website as stress-free as possible.  From planning to deployment, you’ll find the steps conveniently streamlined.  

Better yet, our payment schedule makes new web design services affordable. Even if your business has varying cash flow, you can benefit from our payment schedule. It’s true.

At Lunar IT Solutions, you’re in control. With payment due prior to each phase, you set the tone not only for the pace but also your payment schedule.  How can you beat that?  Let’s take a look at our unique process.


Step 1.  Planning

As you might guess, you know your business better than anyone else. You know your target audience and the expectations they have of you.  You’re also acutely aware of what they need to know about your product or service.  But here’s the catch.  You need a strategy for your content.  As you know, Google’s demands for fresh and relevant is growing.

That’s why, you’ll be glad to know Lunar IT Solutions eases the challenges of planning.    Here, you’ll discover the ease of using a unique “Blue Print”.  It’s been carefully designed to help you map-out your unique needs.  Frankly, its the perfect tool for prioritizing your needs.

Not only that, its the ultimate feedback tool; allowing us to plan the perfect design for your website. With plans in place and mutual agreement on the road ahead, you’re ready for us to start building your website.  At Lunar IT Solutions, we refer to it as…


Step 2. Architecture and Design

Remember the “blue print”?  It will guide us as your website’s architecture and design prototype is created.  Don’t worry, if you’re not familiar with terms like website architecture.  Think of it as a site map.  It’s how your website will be laid out; making it easy to navigate.  

Remember, the goal of your website is to make it easy to use and chalk-full of everything your visitors are eager to learn and find. That’s why, this stage is so critical.  Here, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to fine tune the design of your website.  This way, you’ll know it will look and feel just the way you want.

Still another benefit, from logo design to content development you’ll get the help you need.  Click here for help with other key services.

Step 3.  Development

Let’s take a closer look behind the scenes.  With the website design confirmed, you’re ready for us to work on placing your content and graphics into the new design.  Here’s the great news.  Here, your content will be delivered in a clean and effective manner, even if your browser is:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • and a variety of mobile browsers.


Better yet, your website will be available to you throughout the entire development process. That means, you can see your website unfold and feel confident you know the progress of your website at any given time.

Think about it. With the doors of communication open, progress moves quickly.  Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to finalize your website and approve the formatting of your content.  Then, after careful review of the new website and your satisfaction, it’s time for the best part.

Website Launch

You’re going to love this.  At Lunar IT Solutions, the first priority is your satisfaction. That’s why, a confirmation of your satisfaction via email is the first item we’ll desire from you. Of course, you’re final payment will be requested, shortly after.  

Let’s take that a step further. Upon receipt of payment, your new website is delivered to you. Better yet, you’ll receive complete login instructions.  What’s more, you’ll from a remote training session.  Here’s what you learn:

  • how to navigate behind the scenes
  • update content on on-going basis

This way, you’re comfortable using all of the unique features your site has to offer. 


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