How School Mobile Apps Can Enhance Teacher-Parent Communication Experience

Useful for Schools… Even more useful for Parents.

Our School Mobile Apps greatly enhance communication of school staff with parents. Parents can stay current with the latest information at their fingertips while the school staff can stop worrying about lost notes and misinformation being passed on.


School Mobile Apps Key Features

Instant communication with parents

Our school apps send push notifications to remind parents of upcoming events or changes. These push notices appear instantly on parents’ mobile devices as the pop up messages and alerts. Schools can also add features such as sick notes and online payment systems in their school mobile apps.

Newsletters parents and students can read anywhere on the go

Our school mobile apps provide parents and students the real-time access to the school newsletters, whether they are at school property, outside the school, or at their child’s after-school game.

Fast and secure access to the shared information

LUNAR iT Solutions offers native iPhone School App, iPad School App, Android School App, and HTML5 School App that are installed on parents’ or even students’ phones. We develop user friendly interface and navigation that parents feel comfortable using. Our native School Mobile apps meet highest security standards and faster access to information.


Benefits of School Mobile Apps

Our school mobile apps cause schools to free up office administrative work time while parents feel more in control.

Creating seamless school-to-parent communication.

Timely and clear information-sharing between schools and parents is key to dynamic and cohesive educational environment. In addition to enhancing school-to-parent communication, our school mobile apps also offer many other greatly useful benefits for each party.

Benefits for schools

  •  Save the financial and environmental cost of paper newsletters.
  •  Increased security of school-to-parent communication via our mobile apps.
  •  Eliminate frustrations due to notes being returned late or not at all.
  •  Reduce incoming phone calls with repetitive and often unnecessary inquiries and free up school staff ‘s time.
  •  Maintain a congruous relationship with parents.


school apps, school mobile appsBenefits for Parents

  •  Keep parents up to date easily with what is going on.
  •  Ensure parents always receive notes and staff’s messages 100% of the times.
  •  Help avoid busy parents from missing upcoming school events.
  •  Notify parents when events get cancelled due to bad weather to save them frustration.


Like many, if your school is experiencing school to parent communication issues or break-downs, please do not hesitate to request a free school mobile app demo and allow us to demonstrate to you the power of our easy to use mobile solution.


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