Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    does your phone ring in us

    Yes, our phones ring here in the US and all your queries are answered by professionals. You always work with Project Managers physically located in US.


    We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover through a well recognized highly reputable secure online payment source PayPal. We also accept Checks, Money Orders and Western Union.

    what are your business hours

    We work 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM MST – Sunday Through Thursday & 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM MST on Saturdays. For your convenience live chat is available for sales or support almost 24/7.

    can i call any of your clients for a testimonial

    Yes, you can call them. They may or may not answer you on time or may not answer you at all. We can give you written testimonials on request. However, the best testimonial for us is our past work in our Portfolio. You would not find any other company very easily with a comprehensive portfolio like ours.

    how long have you been in business

    We have been in business since 1995 formerly doing business as ISC.

    are your web design costs one time

    Yes, just a one time cost as mentioned on our website for web design.

    do you offer 100% free seo analysis of a website

    Yes we do! And, there is no obligation to you what so ever after we provide you with the Free SEO Analysis report.

    do you offer emergency after hours support

    We have 24/7 email and chat support. Phone support is available during Business Hours. We give you phone numbers of key individuals and in case of emergency so that after business hours you can reach them.

    do you charge any late fees or penalties on the delinquent invoices

    In order for Lunar IT Solutions to keep its rates low, payments must be made promptly. Bills will be deemed delinquent and assessed a $50.00 charge if payment is not received within 7 days after the due date. If an amount remains delinquent 7 days after its due date, an additional 10% penalty will be added for each month of delinquency. Lunar Business Solution reserves the right to remove web pages from viewing on the Internet until final payment is made. In case collection proves necessary, the client agrees to pay all fees incurred by that process.

    will we get a chance to review and suggest modifications to the website before it is launched

    Yes. In fact, our design process is planned that way, we work with you very closely. Our goal is to make and keep you happy!

    can you help us get listed in search engines

    We have a Search Engine Submission service for $25/Month to help you list in Major Search Engines every month. For more details, please ask a Representative when you call us.

    can you create a logo to go with our web site

    Sure we can. In fact we make excellent logos for only $299 each. We can also design flyers, brochures, business cards and all your stationary to go with your website.

    what is your typical turn around time

    We will work together with you to complete the Web Design Project in a timely manner. We agree to work expeditiously to complete the Web Design, but delays can occur if any milestone that requires your action, such as approving design mockups or web design changes is not acknowledged in a timely manner. Typically the whole process to finish a 5 or 10 page website takes about 7 Days and a 20 page website about 15 days.

    what is cms or a content management system

    The downfall of many websites is that their content is allowed to become out-of-date. This disappoints visitors, who are looking for more than the old information they find. It is also frustrating for the website owner such as you; who may not have the time and/or resources to enable more regular updates.

    The facility to update a website’s content directly without any reliance on a web development partner is an essential tool for many business owners. Good use of a Content Management System(CMS) brings clear business benefits by improving a website’s effectiveness.

    What Is A Content Management System?

    Unlike much Information Technology(IT) terminologies, the definition of “Content Management System” is fairly intuitive: it is a system that enables you, the website owner, to update your website’s content without having the programming skills and knowledge. Most importantly, a CMS makes it possible to change the content on your website without the involvement of your website designer.

    How Could I Use A Content Management System On My Website?

    The ability to manage the content on your website gives you the freedom to publish a variety of information. Typical uses for a CMS include publishing:

    • News, Announcements and Press Releases
    • Research Documents/ Content Management
    • Online Presentations
    • Articles and Newsletters
    • Product Details
    • Special Offers
    • Testimonials and Case Studies
    • Vacancies and Personal Profiles
    • Useful Links
    • Online Resources and Downloads

    What Are The Business Benefits Of A Content Management System?

    You will benefit by implementing a CMS for a number of reasons:

    Lower website maintenance costs.

    The immediate benefit is financial. Updating your own website, rather than paying a website designer to make changes on your behalf, will save you money.

    Using a CMS usually incurs a fixed charge which does not vary with the number of changes you make. Therefore, the more you use your CMS, the lower the “per change” cost. When a website designer makes changes on your behalf, they will charge for each change and so the “per change” cost is never reduced.

    Using a Content Management System can reduce an on-going website costs:

    • Using a Content Management System means you can update your website without needing to install specialist software on your computer or learn new technical skills.
    • Using a Content Management System means you can display content on your website more creatively, which will engage visitors and make your website more rewarding.
    • Using a Content Management System to add topical content to your website will raise your site’s profile in search engines, which will encourage a higher number of visits to your website.
    • Using a Content Management System can reduce on-going website costs.
    • Using a Content Management System enables you to add timely and topical content to your website.

    A Content Management System is an essential tool for many business owners and it can improve a website’s effectiveness by offering visitors timely and engaging content. Perhaps a Content Management System will help you transform your [[nw:website]]… so your customers regard it as a valuable and vibrant source of information and you can depend on it as a regular source of business inquiries and/or knowledge-based.

    after you have designed our website can we manage it ourselves easily

    Absolutely you can manage it yourself easily. We supply you with all the source codes and source files that may allow you to even make graphical changes. With each of our web design package, you also get a certain number of free updates which we apply for you. If you host with us, we provide more free updates for you. Additional updates can be bought at our hourly rates.

    If you have purchased a CMS, Content Management System, from us then you can make any and all changes to the entire content of your website. The only time you will ever need our help would be when you want a new feature added to your site or a major change made to the design.

    can i use my existing website address if i host with you

    Yes, we can easily help you retain your old domain name on our servers or register a new one for you.

    can you make clean html and non flash corporate websites also

    Yes, in fact, we design very good professional websites. We have experience of working with clients from various fields and we take our time to understand their different taste. Our portfolio is just a partial list of our clients.

    have you built a site like mine before

    Usually the content of a site or type of business does not affect the methods, procedures and codes used to build it. For example, you wouldn’t ask a Car Wash business if they had washed the same color of car as yours before.

    Some sites require advanced features to perform special functions and Lunar IT Solutions has great in-depth experience to meet those needs. It would be unlikely that we had not had experience with the required web site functions needed. We have worked with a wide range of clientele as evident from our portfolio.

    can you make a site like, e-bay, myspace, youtube, facebook etc. for me

    Yes, we can! However, know that these sites cost upwards of $7,500.

    can i have a site that looks like this

    Actually, making it look like anything you want is not much of a factor. We’ll start with your initial direction then work with you to refine it. Making a beautiful website takes about the same effort as making an ugly one unless we need to license special artwork, and the real cost-drivers are the functional requirements and aspects of the site.

    do i have to host my website with you

    No, you don’t have to! Unlike other companies, we don’t make hosting with us mandatory. But hosting with us is a BIG advantage for you. You don’t have to worry about any technical aspects of managing your hosting account and the servers, we do it all for you. Plus you just have a one point contact for your Web Presence. If there is a problem, it is always better to call a single reliable company who can take care of everything while you concentrate on your business. We will make your website one less worry for you.

    can you host our website and register our domain name

    Yes we would love to! We will recommend the level of hosting required depending upon the type of site you will order so that all the technological requirements and demands will be met correctly.

    Level 1 Hosting Package
    $240/year (Static Website Hosting with True Bandwidth and cPanel)

    Level 2 Hosting Package
    $360/year (MySQL Database Website Hosting with True Bandwidth and cPanel)

    Domain Names are $15 per year. We provide with custom email accounts and a fantastic control panel to check your web visitor stats and manage your files, etc.

    how does your web design process work

    Our mission is to build the best and most cost effective website for your business. A professionally built website can promote your products and services, enhance your image and generate sales. With that in mind, we will carefully research your business needs and plan a strategy to create the ideal web solution…

    where are you located

    Our company is located in Tucson, Arizona, USA. We are a modern day style of business; we operate all of our businesses from our homes and our developers and programmers also telecommute from all over the USA and world. Since we do not have a load of overhead, we can share our savings with you by charging you extremely reasonable and fair prices for our services!

    i live in michigan you are in arizona how can we work with you

    That should not be a problem; we have clients in all 50 States and even internationally.

    Everything that you need to inspect is placed on the World Wide Web as during development, materials and communications move easily by Toll Free Numbers, Emails, Faxes, and Instant Messenger on a routine basis. Although we welcome our clients to meet with us here in Tucson, we have not met 95% of our customers in person. You don’t need to meet us to convey your ideas, we have expertise in this domain and we will understand your requirements easily.

    The internet allows you to choose from the best web developers in the world and still get better, faster service than the shop across town can provide — and after all, that is what you’ll be using the web to offer your own clients, isn’t it? After all, on the Web, all distances are equal to zero.

    And honestly, it is very unlikely that a client will visit their local company because of tight schedules or anything else and finally end up talking on the phone after all. Working with your web developers and designers over the Internet is faster, more convenient, and more efficient than spending time arranging in-person meetings. We work in shifts thus, it allows us to answer phone calls during business hours in both east coast and west coast.

    what areas do you serve

    We work with all types of clients from big corporations to individuals. We have clients all over the United States and internationally.

    why are your prices so low for your excellent quality is this a scam are there hidden charges

    Lunar Business Solution is a US based company and in good standing with Better Business Bureau as well as the http://www.badbussinessbureau.com/. We believe in business ethics and exceptional customer service. When you buy any of our services, you can be rest assured and buy with confidence.

    If you are wondering how we can charge as much as 50% less than our competition and still be in business; there are a number of things to consider:

    Clients – The first thing to consider is the importance of our clients. We believe that our clients always come first. We like to be able to cater to their needs and wants. Without clients, we have no business. Without business, we cannot make money. So with that in mind, we always make sure we take care of them and we are sure they would recommend us through word of mouth which in-turn brings our marketing cost down.

    Promotion and Advertising – We choose the way we promote our web design business very carefully and ensure every promotional dollar pays for itself. We’ve spent a lot of time researching in this field. This is what our business is about, “Web Design and Internet Promotion”. So, we take this to the extreme. We find the absolute best values for money, as well as the most popular ones that may cost a little more. We look at every different angle of advertising and promoting in order to promote our company and to keep expenses down while keeping prices low.

    Co-Creation – We need your support to finish the website in a timely manner to keep our costs down. For this to happen, we expect you to give us contents on time and all milestone that requires your action, such as approving design mockups or web design changes acknowledged on time.

    Home-Based Offices – This is another arrangement that enables us to save on the monthly rent for an extravagant office space and related bills so that we can share the savings with our clients such as yourself by charging much lower prices than majority of our competitors.

    i am a small home business do you work with individuals

    Yes, we work with big and small businesses, corporations, professionals, home business owners, startups and even individuals.

    do you design adult websites


    the quality of your work is awesome do you receive similar compliments often

    Thank you, we get them very often. Our Mission is to be one of the Best Web Design & Web Marketing Company while servicing clients and making their Web Presence affordable and successful. After we finish your project successfully and you are overjoyed with our service, we would appreciate if you refer us to your friends and associates and spread the word about us.

    Thank you once again!

    Digital Agency Tucson