Secured Web Hosting

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Secured Web Hosting

A well-designed and user-friendly website can bring in more customers and add to a business’ revenue. It contains all of the information about the business’ products and services, and will help customers make their purchase decision. While the design and content of the website are important, the performance of the website also has an impact on prospective customers and revenue. This performance often relies on the hosting services because if the host service is overburdened and slow, the website will face several performance issues.

At Lunar IT Solutions, we provide good quality secured website hosting services in Tucson. We help keep your website up and running at all times, and ensure it’s always responsive. With us, you won’t have to deal with frequent crashes, downtime, overload, and other such problems associated with poor quality hosting.

Fast and Secure

People online expect a website to load fully in 2 to 4 seconds on average. If the website takes longer than 20 seconds to load, they’ll look elsewhere and you’ll lose traffic. We have the latest server technology with up-to-date hardware and software, which ensures all websites stored in our servers load fast and perform well. We scan all bits of data stored on our servers so customers don’t need to worry about hackers or malware slipping into their website through backdoor access from other websites stored on the server.

Say No to Hackers

We work hard to keep all the information secure and have several monitoring measures in place to ensure attempts at hacking don’t go undetected. We scan files for backdoor malware, and other such suspicious factors the moment you upload them to the server. Our monitoring software constantly scans the core CMS files to keep an eye out for any changes and corruption. The IT experts will set up an effective firewall on your website secure it and protect it from future hacking attempts. As the scanning happens every day, our experts catch all attempts to hack early and address them quickly, which keeps your website secure at all times.

No Downtime

The last thing you want is your website failing to load when prospective customers click on a link to it. Our team works hard to keep your website up and running 24/7.  We use the latest technology that has a lower likelihood of crashing and failure. Our team will keep the website up even if your core CMS files are hacked. Thanks to the constant monitoring and quick action, the hosting services won’t be disrupted. If the website gets hacked, our team will go in and clear the intrusion immediately. The scanning and cleaning are free of cost and immediate so you don’t have to worry about downtime.

Reliable and Highly Secure Web Hosting Services

Our web hosting services are highly secure and reliable. We also have an excellent customer service team that responds quickly to all your queries, problems, and concerns so there’s no delay in assistance. Our sever security specialists are efficient, well-trained, and focused so no hacking attempt will slip past them.

We also constantly upgrade our software and hardware technology to keep up with the current times. This ensures our system is able to handle all current demands and less likely to crash due to advanced technology. You can be certain your website will never be shut down, will always be fast and secure, and all the information stored in it will be safe.

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Secured Web Hosting

Yearly Subscription Plans

  • Standard Plan
  • $399/ Per Year
    • Clean & Protected
    • Good for small
    • medium personal and business websites
    • Free Installation
    • Antivirus PRO Standard Heuristic algorithm to detect unknown viruses
    • Server-side scanning & file change monitoring
    • Max analyze 25000 files
    • Virus detection (Unlimited Pages)Stop Hacks Immediately
    • Attack detection (Unlimited Pages)
    • Hack/Injection detection(SPAM
    • Viagra
    • porn and etc)
    • Analyze of all the changes on your website
    • Files scan every 24 hours
    • Daily analyze
    • Malware removal from already hacked website
    • Malware Removal & Hack Repair(once per month)max cleaning time is 24 hours
    • Server log analyze & Issue investigation
    • Blacklist removal (Google
    • McAfee
    • Norton and etc.)
    • Full Website Backup
    • Notifications & Alerting by email
    • Live Chat Support Support by Email
    • Get free professional consultation from our security experts and engineers
    • Response time max. 24 hours
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