Does your business have a website? Is it ready for mobile?

If not, it’s very likely your business could fall behind the competition in 2016.

Mobile design is an essential tool for businesses. With nearly seven billion mobile descriptions and the average person spending about three hours on their mobile devices, businesses need to make sure their website is ready for the future of mobile.

The reality is, consumers want to reach their favorite brands and businesses through their mobile device. Whether it’s through a mobile website or mobile app, consumers want the ability to interact with businesses on-the-go. Not only that, but they also want to make purchases from their smartphone or tablet.

Mobile design is also important for businesses because it improves the overall shopping experience for customers. According to the infographic, four out of five people use their mobile device to make a purchasing decision. Mobile users search for store locations, compare prices, and look for promotions and discounts. Additionally, 74 percent of mobile users have used their devices to make a purchase after research a product. Clearly, mobile is reshaping the way consumers purchase products from businesses.

Mobile Buzz

If you want to drive more traffic to your business and increase sales, you’ll have to create a mobile website. When creating a mobile design, make sure it’s responsive so it can be accessed from any mobile device. It’s also important to contain important information about your product and business, as well as use high quality images. Your mobile design should also be fast and easy to navigate.

Mobile design is essential for the modern business. Especially if you want to build a stronger online brand for your business, you’ll need to create a mobile website. To learn more about creating a mobile design for your business, check out the infographic below:

Mobile Design Info Graphics



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