The following top ten factors will help you form our Local SEO Services package:


1.    Claim your business on Google local listings.

You can submit your business to Google local listings if it is not already listed. If it is, you can just click to claim it, and you will be given the ability to update information on it after you confirm it is yours.


2.    Be sure you have a local address.

It will be useless to customers if your corporate address is listed rather than the address of the actual establishment.

3.    Assure that you have the correct category tags.

You will be able to add tags to your business profile to help customers find you. Your tags should be simple, like “web design” or “web designer” rather than “best web design” or “web designing.” Use other search terms to your advantage. For a high-end website design company, effective tags would be web design, seo, tucson. Predict the search terms that customers might use to find your business locally.


4.    Use your product or business category in the title of your business claim.

For example, rather than “Lunar IT Solutions,” use the title “Web Design by Lunar IT Solutions.” This should help direct customers to your search result.


5.    It helps to be close to the city center.

Sure, you can’t do much about this, but it is one of many factors that affects search results.


6.    Use relevant keywords in your Google Plus Pages description.

Fill out the description page to help customers find what they need to know about your business or products and services.

7.    Add photos to your Google Plus Page.

Take photos of your products, your interior, and your exterior. Add a video if you can. This will turn views into paying customers. Consider this part to be mandatory! It is one of the more effective steps you can take to using Google to your business advantage.


8.    Ask for customer reviews.

Good reviews will help build trust between you and your customers, even if they are making business with you for the first time.


9.    Add a local phone number.

If you have business spots in more than one location, be sure to make certain that each has an accurate phone number. Also be sure that the main number listed on your website is the same as the Google map listing number.


10.    Create or review your website.

Create a business website with a keyword rich domain if you have not already done so. The information on your business website should have the same details as your Google maps listing. The address and phone number should be clearly listed on the home page, and photos and links.

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Thank you for reading this and see you at the TOP!

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