The concept of an e-store can work effectively only when your Ecommerce website design is efficient and impressive.

The impressive part of an Ecommerce website requires the look and feel and the manner in which the information is placed on it is highly optimized and effective. Ecommerce websites work similar to a physical store where customers visit to explore products and services and shop. If your Ecommerce is not properly categorized and or presented with information in an articulated manner, you may lose the visitors’ interest thus lose the prospective sale.

On the contrary to a physical brick and motor store, at an e-store or Ecommerce web-store, visitors expect prompt response and an absolute user friendly checkout process; therefore, the navigation of an e-commerce website design should offer smooth sailing and quick response time.

Too much emphasis on one aspect of the Ecommerce website design can defeat its purpose. For example, many Ecommerce store owners pay a lot of attention on the web design aspect of the site and by the time they get to populating the shopping cart they are lack the energy to write descriptions of each product properly.

How ineffectively has your Ecommerce website been designed?

Follow the list below and let’s find out!

Audit your Ecommerce website or an E-Store to ensure the following issues do not exist within your site and if they do, eliminate them or remedy them immediately to ensure success of your online shop:

  1. Generic look and layout
  2. Absence of thumbnail images
  3. Images not optimized
  4. Confusing or lengthy checkout process
  5. Ecommerce website not designed for your specific target market
  6. Absence of a Dedicated IP Address and SSL Certificate for your online store
  7. Absence of Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy pages
  8. Absence of product descriptions
  9. Presence of excessive Flash, Videos, Javascript, etc. on your shopping cart pages
  10. Absence of your company’s contact information such as, the address and phone number
  11. Absence of User Friendly URLs for your product pages
  12. Lack of Responsiveness

One of the most important requirement now a days for your Ecommerce website or an online shop is the level of its responsiveness. The responsiveness of a website refers to its accessibility from various electronic gadgets and devices. A responsive Ecommerce website and all its features including all of it shopping cart pages and checkout process’ pages must be compatible with all mobile phones, handheld devices, desktop computers, and tablet computers equally.

Have you ever wondered why the majority of all businesses fail?

Yes, majority of all businesses fail within their first 6 month up to 18 month duration due to lack of proper training, resources, and support which also applies to the online businesses. It is very critical for a web entrepreneur to seek help from a professional web design company who has the expertise and experience in not only deploying a properly configured e-commerce website for you but also offer you the proper training to empower you with the knowledge required for you to be successful with your new online business.

Please do not hesitate to contact us when you need any help setting up or optimizing your Ecommerce website, mobile Ecommerce website, or help with Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization. Because, when you contact us, we will check the overall health of your web site to identify issues on your website or outside of it that may be negatively affecting your website’s performance and its reputation and we will help you to resolve those issues immediately in order to resubmit your website in all major Search Engines to boost your rankings and begin driving qualified traffic to your Ecommerce Store.



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