Why Do Businesses Need High Quality Mobile Apps to Stay Relevant?

Read on to find out what features and functions you may need to incorporate into your mobile apps to stay relevant in business..

The mobile app market is booming and app development companies have made millions but in some ways not much has changed. According to Nielson report from last year, consumer uses approximately 26 or 27 mobile apps per month. And, the usage time per consumer per app is also increasing—average up by 63% in last couple of years.

Flurry reported recently how apps usage has made its way further into our lives, citing, for the first time in the history the average U.S. consumer is spending more time on apps that of TV. According to their data, U.S. consumer is now spending 198 minutes per day average inside mobile apps compared to 168 minutes on TV.

However, the app figure did not mention time spent inside the mobile web browser, even though, technically, a web browser is also an app. Though, had it been included, the time spent on mobile devices would have reached up to 220 minutes or 3 hours and 40 minutes per day.

Time Spent in Mobile Apps

Smart phone and mobile app usage is constantly increasing but that is still huge, 1109 hours in a year is a long time – a little over half of an entire work week each week spent on smart phones. As compared to that, the installed apps per mobile phone only increased from 26.5 to 26.7 on average. Hence, we can say, on average, consumer use 26.7 apps per month these days.

So how does your mobile app line up? With so many apps being introduced daily, apps developers will have to ensure the highest quality to be one of the apps that is regularly used by its consumer.

This is why businesses need high quality mobile apps to stay relevant!

Small businesses who invest in mobile marketing must ensure their apps make the list of the magic 26 to 27 apps that consumer regularly use. Unless, ROI is not their prime concern. It is critical to make a list of features that your customers will need to use every day – push notifications, shopping cart, loyalty program and food ordering. These key mobile features have proven to drive more sales by bringing customers back and increase revenue. Customers favor convenience and the opportunity to save money for which mobile coupons and loyalty programs are usually deployed. Last week I did some shopping on an e-commerce mobile shop and immediately upon completing my order they sent me a coupon to show their gratitude. Guess, where will I do my future shopping?

Please take a moment and think how frequently you use your smart phone and the apps you use regularly. It’s not very difficult to identify them as to which ones truly provide a real value? Mobile apps that incorporate a bit of each of the features mentioned above would therefore be of the top 26.

Social Media Apps usually depend upon their users’ personal wants. They are not designed to provide the real in-depth information but updates from friends and family. And or, spam ads, poster shares, messages, and videos. Social apps normally use social media login feature for forums and in-app commenting.

Food Ordering Apps are gaining popularity among the mobile-eater. Users are rarely using their desktop computers anymore, they usually check their phones for these apps which provide instant access to a pool of restaurants.

The websites that allow restaurants to use their online ordering system usually charge a higher commission and collect contact and personal information of every restaurant’s client from each transaction. Imagine, if the restaurant had their own ordering system and did not have to share any information or fees with the existing services? More convenient and personalized, a mobile app with food ordering system built-in each individual restaurant would substantially increase profitability, wouldn’t you think?

Informational Mobile Apps offer more direct, simple, and fitting experience to their users. For example, banking or transit schedules. They are usually straight forward not showy and yet provide exactly the expected user experience. Small businesses should consider incorporating informational aspects but with adding expressive genius or flair not found in majority of similar apps.

So what do you think?.. Would designing and developing feature-rich high quality mobile apps that include some of the afore mentioned points improve your customer relationships enough to grant you the staying-power within the industry?


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